oNLinE gAmIng

                     Well to most parent online gaming is heavily dealed with , they thought that the games could be addictive & violent . In my opinion , i thought that not all games have those behaviour . Some which you uses ur brain or some which you cannot interact with one another in real life situation.   
                      Even some teachers are still playing games like ‘ Counter-Strike , Maple-Story & Rakion ‘. Some teachers even encourage their students to play some life-thinking games which go through thinking how you should made money or build a house,weapon or even armour. Games like Myst & Second-Life requires you to think very hard how to go on to the next stage . Online gaming also includes Miniclip,Shockwave,mofunzone & many others where you can play multiplayer. Sometime when you interact with others in multiplayer games could also be something good ; you could make friends with them & have good response to them with others.
                       Well at first my mum also disallow me to play online gaming , it reminds me of the first time i played a game . I  got so engross in it that i forgotten to do my homework . My mum scolded me & she ban me from using the computer for one month+ . After that incident , i try to manage my time well & find sufficent time on doing my homework . Well parents are like that but after you prove them that you could do your work well & play , i believe that they would let us play our games . If you scold bad words when there is a child or a bunch of children , it could have been a bad influence on them as they old enough to learn things as fast as you could know .

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